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Weapons and Large Props Rules and Regulations

Please keep in mind that Québec City Comiccon is a family oriented show, and the rules regarding weapons are designed to keep everyone safe.


Québec City Comiccon is committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment for all persons attending the convention.  Any item that Québec City Comiccon believes may be a weapon must be immediately taken to Weapons Check for examination. Weapons that Québec City Comiccon determines are admissible will be marked with an identifying tag and may be brought into the convention.  Any weapon that Québec City Comiccon considers to be prohibited must be stored at Weapons Check or immediately removed from the convention. The decision of the Weapons Master, or their designate, is final and will be strictly enforced to ensure a safe environment for all attendees.

Failure to respect any of the weapon rules may result in any or all of the following:

  • Confiscation of weapon or item, without return;
  • Loss of admission to the show without refund;
  • The involvement of law enforcement agencies; and/or
  • Other actions deemed appropriate by Québec City Comiccon.



Weapon is defined as any item or object that the Criminal Code, the Comiccon Weapons Master, or their designate,considers to be a weapon.


Weapons Master is the representative of Comiccon who implements and enforces the Comiccon Weapons Policy- either directly or via designated staff. The decision of the Weapons Master, or their designate, is final.


Prohibited and/or illegal Weapon is a weapon that is not allowed to be possessed, displayed, or sold in Canada. These illegal weapons are banned from Comiccon and must be immediately removed from the convention centre. Comiccon reserves the right to notify law enforcement agencies.


Inadmissible Weapon is a non-prohibited (i.e. legal) weapon that has been examined by the Weapons Master, or their designate, and is not permitted to be brought into the convention. A legal weapon may still be considered an inadmissible weapon at Comiccon (e.g. a metal sword). The weapons must be stored at Weapons Check or immediately removed from the convention.Some weapons sold by Exhibitors are inadmissible and are subject to the procedures in the Special Circumstances section below.


Admissible Weapon is a weapon that has been examined by the Weapons Master, or their designate, and is permitted to be brought into the convention. A small identifying tag will be affixed to the weapon to identify it as admissible.


Weapons Check is the area, or areas,at Comiccon where all items that may be considered weapons are inspected by Comiccon and determined to be either prohibited, inadmissible, or admissible.



  1. Comiccon reserves the right to require that any item entering the convention, or which is found to be anywhere within the convention, be made available at any time for examination by Comiccon staff to determine the item’sadmissibility status.
  2. Any item that Comiccon determines may be a weapon must be immediately taken to Weapons Check for examination(or examined on the convention floor by the Weapons Master, or their designate, if they are circulating around the event).Weapons that already have a tag may be re-sent to Weapons Check to validate the tag. Comiccon staff may escort the weapon to Weapons Check.
  3. The Comiccon Weapons Master, or their designate, will examine the weapon todetermine its admissibility.
  4. Admissible weapons will have a small identifying tag affixed to the weapon- in a location determined by the Weapons Master, or their designate. The tag must remain on the weapon for the duration of the convention. Tampering, altering or removing the tag during the convention may result in the weapon being determined as inadmissibleand/or the removal of the person from the convention.
  5. Inadmissibleweapons must be stored at Weapons Check or immediately removed from the convention.
  6. Prohibited weapons must be immediately removed from the convention centre. They cannot be stored at Weapons Check. Comiccon reserves the right to notify law enforcement agencies.
  7. Any inappropriate behaviour with a weapon,which puts the safety of any person or property at risk,will not be tolerated. This includes horseplay, mock fighting, or other activities deemed inappropriate by Comiccon.
  8. Refer to the Special Circumstances section below for the procedures related to Inadmissible Weapons that are displayed, offered for sale, and purchased at the convention.
  9. InadmissibleWeaponsstoredat WeaponsCheckwill be returned to individuals as they are leavingthe convention.
  10. Failure to respect these requirements may result in the weapon being confiscated without return.
  11. It is the individual’s responsibility to pick up their checked weapons as they exit the convention. Any props or weapons left with the Weapons Master beyond the closing of Weapons Check on Sunday become the property of Comiccon.

Examples of Prohibited Weapons

The following list provides some examples of prohibited weapons. Québec City Comiccon reserves the right to determine the admissibility and prohibit any item or weapon.

If it is illegal outside the convention, it is illegal inside the convention- and therefore banned from Comiccon. Examples include (but are not limited to):


  • Firearms of any kind;
  • Bali-song (“butterfly knife”) or switchblade/drop blade style knives;
  • Brass knucklesor knives/blades attached to brass knuckles;
  • Spiked wristbands;
  • Morning Stars or flails;
  • Concealed knives or blades in normally innocuous items that are less than 30 cm in length;
  • Hand crossbows;
  • Nunchucks, tonfas, shurikens, or similarly prohibited martial arts weapons (foam replicas of these items are admissible); and,
  • Law enforcement items such as batons, Tasers, or mace.
  • Arrows, bolts, and other projectiles used in bows, crossbows, or slingshots are inadmissible;
  • Butterfly combs and similar; and,
  • Slings


Click on this links below to review the Canada Border Services Agency’s and Justice Canada’s information regarding prohibited weapons:


Note: Although some types of cane swords, umbrella swords, and similar items may not be prohibited in Canada, ALL such items are banned from display, sale, or possession at Comiccon.



Examples of Inadmissible Weapons


The following list provides some examples of Inadmissible Weapons. Comiccon reserves the right to determine the admissibility of any item or weapon.


Projectile Weapons

  • Airsoft pistols, rifles or other similar devices;
  • Pellet guns, BB guns, or similar devices;
  • Flintlock or muzzle loading weapons or similar devices (which are not considered “firearms” under the law);
  • Decommissioned firearms of any kind;
  • Replica firearms made from metal, solid resin/plastic/rubber;
  • Close imitations are allowed if they are made of acceptable materials and as long as they cannot fire like an actual replica (e.g. a musket that does not have the proper firing chamber, or a pistol that does not have a bored barrel);
  • Any prop, item or weapon that is capable of firing any projectile or powder charge of any kind;
  • All other projectile weapons are required to have orange safety tips at all times on convention grounds, however, they can be removed for photography or competition purposes if they are reattached when moving around the convention;
  • Nerf guns and other foam dart guns are admissible, but they must not have any foam darts loaded at any time;
  • Bows, crossbows (but not hand crossbows- they are Illegal Weapons), and slingshots are admissible but only if they are de-strung or strung with light string, yarn, or a similar material and cannot fire a projectile; and,

Swords, Blades, Knives and other Melee Weapons

  • Hard plastic replica weapons made from polypropylene or similar items;
  • Cane swords, umbrella swords, or similar items;
  • Metal swords, metal knives and other active martial arts weapons;
  • Metal weapons purchased at the convention are subject to the policy direction in the Special Circumstancessection below;
  • Metal chains or other similar items;
  • Costume swords are admissible if they are secured in such a fashion that they cannot be drawn; and,
  • Blunt weapons (made of wood, hard plastic, or metal) such as baseball bats, cricket bats, and hockey sticks.


Shields and Armour

  • Wooden, plastic, and metal shields are inadmissible if they contain: sharp medal edges; metal, wood, or hard plastic spikes, or other protrusions; and/or any other feature or characteristic determined to be inadmissible.
  • Armour is inadmissible if it contains: sharp medal edges; metal, wood, or hard plastic spikes, or other protrusions; and/or any other feature or characteristic determined to be inadmissible.

Light Sabers

  • Light Sabers are permitted if their blade/bulb is not made of glass.


Wheeled/Tracked/Jumping Devices

  • Skateboards, rollerblades, roller skates, unicycles, bicycles, hoverboards, scooters and similar devices.
  • Pogo sticks, spring shoes, jumping shoes, kangaroo shoes, and similar devices.


Prop Weight, Shape and Material Restrictions

  • Any items with sharp points, sharp edges, excessive weight or any other features that are deemed dangerous to others by the Comiccon.
  • There is no set weight limit for items, but Comiccon reserves the right to prohibit heavy items on a case-by-case basis.


  • Comiccon prohibitsall laser pointers in the convention. If a prop or weapon includes a laser pointer, it must be rendered non-functioning (e.g. batteries must be removed).



Inadmissible Weapons Purchased from Exhibitors


Inadmissible weapons on display and/or being sold by Exhibitorsmust be safely secured to the display surface if they are within reach of attendees (i.e. attendees mustnot be able to pick up the weapons). As part of normal shopping behaviour, attendees are permitted to handle inadmissible weapons- butmust remain under the direct supervision of the Exhibitor.


The sale of an Inadmissible Weapon to anyone under 18 years of age is strictly prohibited.


Exhibitors may only display (including under the counter displays and items stored out of sight) or sell weapons or any other items that are permitted to be sold by all applicable provincial and federal laws and regulations (i.e. they are not prohibited) and only to persons who are legally entitled to purchase and/or possess the weapon or item.

The display or sale of prohibited (illegal) weapons or items may result in an Exhibitor being removedfrom the convention and/or other actions deemed appropriate by Comiccon.




For safety reasons, Exhibitors must not conduct demonstrations of inadmissible weapons or other items in the aisles or other similar areas. Such demonstrations should be conducted behind the counter, table or within the allotted booth space, and must be supervised by the Exhibitor.


After the Sale


Once a weapon has been sold, it must be securely wrapped in thick paper or cardboard and cannot be taken out of such packaging at the convention. Exhibitors must remind the attendees buying weapons that if they are found opening the packaging on the convention hall floor, the weapon in question will be confiscated. It is the Exhibitor’s responsibility to inform attendees of the requirement to keep their purchased weapons securely wrapped while atthe convention.


Admissible Weapons Purchased from Exhibitors


The Exhibitor must inform the attendee purchasing the weapon to bring said weapon or item to the Weapons Checkat the entrance and have it tagged as an admissible weapon. Exhibitors are required to explain to attendees that if the weapon is not tagged, they may be confiscated.

If an Exhibitor wants to arrange for mock battles to show off their LARP weapons during convention hours anywhere on the convention site, they must have prior approval from Comiccon. Such requests should be directed to

Exhibitors are reminded that all participants in mock battles must not damage convention centre, Comiccon, or other Exhibitor property and must be extremely careful not to endanger or injure bystanders.


Costume Masquerade

If attendees wish to include the use of a weapon in their Masquerade appearance, they must seek and receive approval from the Québec City Comiccon Masquerade Director prior to the registration deadline. The Masquerade Director may consult with the Weapons Master when considering the approval of a weapon. Approval will be determined on a case-by-case basis, and always at the full discretion of Québec City Comiccon.


Autograph Signing

Attendees who wish to have a prohibited weapon signed by a Guest must immediately report to Weapons Check when they enter the convention, complete any required paperwork, and leave the weapon at Weapons Check. The prohibited weapon will be escorted by Québec City Comiccon to and from the Autograph area. After being signed, the weapons must immediately leave the convention or be stored at Weapons Check.


Contacting Québec City Comiccon about the Weapons Policy

If you have any questions regarding the Weapons Policy please contact Québec City Comiccon prior to the convention through the Québec City Comiccon contact information on the website, subject: Weapons Master.

While the Weapons Master may offer advice on which weapons are appropriate, Québec City Comiccon reserves the right to determine the admissibility of any weapon at the time of the convention, regardless of any prior information provided to the attendee.

If you have any questions, please contact us through our contact form.



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