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Québec City Comiccon 2018

October 20 - 21, 2018

Québec City Convention Centre

Darkarnival Butler  |  Cosplayer

Darkarnival Butler
Felicia, aka Darkarnival Butler, is a self-educated cosplayer who made her debut at the Japanese pop culture convention Otakuthon in 2011. Nonetheless, she has been passionate about costume design and making way before that. Recognized for always having her Halloween costume plans over a year in advance throughout her high school years, she could hardly have missed out on this wonderful hobby.
She quickly expressed the desire to make her place and to leave her mark in this fascinating universe, after her first participation in a cosplay competition in 2012 at the Nadeshicon of Quebec. Over the years that followed, this passionate and determined cosplayer competed in several competitions throughout Quebec, in Ontario and in the United States, accumulating several awards and honorable mentions. The most prestigious of them was to be part of the team representing Canada at the World Cosplay Summit Championship in Nagoya, Japan in 2016, where Canada became one of the top 15 participating teams (out of a total of thirty teams). It is in this same context that she had the chance to appear in the Cosplay Culture documentary (Ubique Film) broadcasted on Canal D in 2017 and 2018, and that lifted the veil on this fascinating hobby that is practiced and celebrated all around the world, his practice and his origins.

Now a graduate student in Visual and Media Arts and a part-time character designer, Darkarnival continues to travel the Canadian and American conventions as an attendee, cosplay guest/panelist or as competition judge and she wish of one day being able to live of her passion and to benefit as many passionate people as possible in the cosplay, otaku and geek community. She is known for her attention to details and her embellishment on costumes from a variety of sources, but her efficient and high-quality staging during cosplay competitions remains her greatest strength. Although she admits she still has a lot to learn, she is always thrilled to share her experiences and knowledge, and to advise other cosplayers to the best of her abilities. You simply have to converse with her to realize that this young woman is not only talented and persevering, but that she is also very humble, genuine and that she really puts all her heart in what she undertakes.




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